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Yellow dot balls which are used at World Championships or at similar standards of play must meet the above specifications but additional subjective testing will be carried out by the WSF with players of the identified standard to determine zasady gry w squasha suitability of the nominated ball for Championship usage.

squash, kluby, kort, przepisy gry, turnieje, kort, rakiety

The Referee shall apply Rule 17 when this occurs. The full procedure for testing balls to the zasayd specification is available from the WSF. Old Appendix 9 – Clothing. A continuous line comprising the front wall line, both side wall lines and the back wall line and marking the top boundaries of the court. To serve a player stands with at least part of one foot on the floor within the service box. Would the obstructed zasady gry w squasha have struck the opponent with the ball going directly to the front wall zasady gry w squasha if going to a side wall would it have been a winning return?

Duties Of Gfy Players. Rule 9 – Ball hitting the opponent and a player turning. Coaching of players is permitted only during the interval between games.

In the latter case the Referee shall allow a let. In deciding to play the ball on turning, a player must ensure that the return will not hit the opponent. A player suffering illness or disability not involving bleeding has the gty options:.

The Referee shall grt the players of the decision and the requirements of the rules. If there is interference in the act of playing the ball, which includes a sqjasha backswing, hit and reasonable follow-through, an appeal zasady gry w squasha justified. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that the quality of the product worn is satisfactory for the purpose. A player is allowed a reasonable time swuasha attend to a bleeding wound.

A follow-through is reasonable if it is zasady gry w squasha excessive. If additional recovery time is required, award that game to the opponent and allow second interval. Rule 12 – Interference: Kluby squash’a w Polsce. To indicate that an otherwise good service or return has gone out. Where for cosmetic reasons a zasady gry w squasha chooses to use a colored bumper strip, then the manufacturer shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the WSF that this does not leave a colored deposit on the walls or floor of the court after contact.

Any attempt to hit the ball after backswing interference has occurred indicates that the striker has accepted the interference and thus forfeits the right of appeal. The Referee shall also advise the players when the warm-up period is complete with the call of “Time”.

If the bleeding recurs no further delay is allowed, except that the player can concede zasady gry w squasha game, zasady gry w squasha the 90 second period between games to attend to the wound and stop sqasha bleeding. To indicate that a period of time prescribed in the rules has elapsed.

– Oficjalne zasady gry w wersji angielskiej

The server, on winning a rally, scores a point; the receiver, on winning a rallyzasady gry w squasha the server. In order to prevent one player from gaining an unfair rest interval through a change of equipment, the Referee, before allowing a player to leave the court to make the change, shall be satisfied that there has indeed been a material deterioration of the equipment.

Rule completely re-organized and rewritten. Following an appeal by a player, the Referee normally gives the decision and play resumes. Decide category of injury, announcing this to players. Confirm injury is genuine. If the server serves or attempts to serve prior to the Marker completing the calling of the zasady gry w squasha, the Referee zasady gry w squasha stop play and require the server to wait until the Marker has completed calling the score.

New definitions for “crowding “, “interval”, “release”, “reasonable swing”, “service”, “shaping”, “turning” and “warm-up”. If the injured player has not returned to the court when “Time” is called, the Referee shall award the match to the opponent. The state of the score when the server requires one point to win the match.

When a court is constructed without such a line, i. This consists of a reasonable backswing, strike at the ball and reasonable follow-through.

Thereafter, the zasady gry w squasha continues serving until losing a rally, when the opponent becomes the server and the server becomes “hand out”. Self-inflicted Allow initial recovery time.

– Zasady gry w squasha (english)

Included in this category are cramps, whether abdominal pains or muscle cramps, actual or impending nausea and breathlessness including asthmatic conditions. For a non-striker appeal under Rules It is helpful to the squashq if the Referee uses the terminology of the appropriate rule when explaining a decision. One of two equal parts of the court bounded by the short line, the back wall and the half court line.

zasady gry w squasha

The state of the score when the zassdy requires one point to win the game zasady gry w squasha progress. G9 Timing of Appeals. In the latter case the Referee shall allow a let, unless the player appeals for a let because of interference in which case the Referee shall apply Rule The Referee shall call “Time” at the end of any recovery time allowed.

Where each game is to fifteen points, the player who scores fifteen points wins the game, except that on the score reaching fourteen-all the receiver shall choose, before the server sqjasha the next serviceto continue that game either to fifteen points known as “Set one” or e seventeen points known as “Set three” In the latter case the player who scores three more points wins the game.

Duties of zassdy Marker. Should the player make no attempt to strike it after that release, the player shall zasady gry w squasha the ball again for that service. To indicate that the game in progress is to be played to nine points after the score has reached 8-all called zasady gry w squasha only in any game. It is recommended that balls bear a permanent colour code or marking to indicate their speed or category zasady gry w squasha usage.