Comparison Charts – to Tune Book and Song Book The Song Book of the Salvation Army is the official hymnal of the international organization. Salvation Army Music Index. Which index would you like to view? Brass. Vocal. About. Contribute. Contact. Website by Caffull Ltd. Contribute. Thank you for. The New Band Tune Book of The Salvation Army Book 1 – Nos See the list of songs in the new tune book.

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Please note that the final product may be different from these images. On Tuesday, May 26,Kristin Ostensen said: Why change words to very traditional songs like Silent Night.

I hope one day they will consider putting the Music itself with the words, this makes it easier for one to sing by for those who really read music! For those tne the cost sapvation upgrading to the new song book, General Cox recommends it as a worthwhile investment.

Click to download the official list of songs. There is no need for a new Song book. Local ministry units are responsible for the cost of the song books they order for their use. Front cover images have been included in this article.

Instrumental Tune Books

The piano tune book is now split into two bookslike the band tune books. I will still keep my earlier copies as I still enjoy the old songs. Joined SA age 7. When systems or people who work the systems crash, booi would be the back up plan?

We hope that you find the site helpful. Held a variety of positions including senior positions.

This piece is available for purchase via Sheet Music Direct. The link below will take you to a page where you can select an amount to contribute. Why has the new song book been delayed? Our Corps is now starting to use the New Songbook Songs in our meetings. What happened to the shepherds quaking?

The Salvation Army Song Book Devotional Series

Kristin Ostensen, associate editor. We will always need a hard copy of the song book. These days, for many of us, electronic forms of books and in handy portable format, that can even be read on mobile phones, are a main means of reading and reference. Inevitably, someone’s favorite song will be left out, but hopefully many new songs that are included will help make up for it.

At this point, we do not know in what form, how it will be distributed or the related costs.

The Song Book of the Salvation Army

It is sad when we no longer know or use some of our great songs that are taken up by other denominations. On Thursday, February 4,Roger Bunting said: They should never be forgotten.

Thank you t… https: Territorial Xalvation Ministry Weekend to Houston. God has gifted The Salvation Army with great poets who have a unique ability to express in words some of our deepest emotions, desires, devotion and love for God, which many of us would struggle to do without their special talents. One would think that to get to a print production form, the original songbook text would have been available in at least a Word ttune document.

Szlvation Sunday, June 7,Margaret Watson said: Newer, more singable chorus are now included. Our history is very rich and should be preserved.

Thank you all for your comments. On Friday, January 15,Aniekan Joseph said: The price is listed in Canadian dollars. Still waiting for my songbook order to arrive so that I can pick out the songs I want sung at my funeral!!!

This will allow for the inclusion of other instruments in the worship experience as required. The most obvious change to the new books are the songs that have been added and taken away.