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He also won the Hugo Award in and the Nebula Award in View all 46 comments. The story is told from the point of view of a thirty-two-year-old man, who has been assessed as having an IQ of He is a happy person, feels he has many friends, and is also driven to please people and to make himself smarter.

How annoying it must be for them to constantly have to dumb it down enough to vla to the regular folk. A lot algernlna it is still true but now I think at least now the best of minds don’t think that physical strength, good looks or wealth don’t make a person superior and that these qualities a,gernona largely things one is born with – gifts from God, chance or nature according to your belief.

View all 20 comments. It’s the nature of the superiority complex, which shows up so evidently in Charlie’s case, in so many more ways than one. I believe it’s books like these that helped kwlaty who America is today — some great things came out of it, but also, some hurtful and potentially dangerous things came out of it.

The protagonist specifically endorses polyamory at one point. The writing at first is very childish but as the narrator changes so does the writing. It’s a very emotional book.

Greenwich Village is like that too. It’s sad and introspective.

Title: Kwiaty dla Algernona

Thanks for stopping by. Ironic that all my intelligence doesn’t help me solve a problem like this. This book explores such themes as the nature of intelligence, the effects of intelligence on the way you see others and the world around you, as well as social attitudes towards people with mental problems.

Chosen to take part dka a groundbreaking experiment, Charlie soon finds himself gaining knowledge at record speed until, in a short period of time, his IQ nearly triples. A Why have I never read this before? Having been cast aside by his family, most notably his mother, much of Charlie’s thoughts and actions throughout the book are a result of how he was treated and rebuked as a child and his desire to be viewed as a “normal” individual.

Our protagonist goes through experimental brain surgery, that has the effect of gradually increasing his intelligence to that of a genius. Maritime Service as ship’s purser. Five out algermona five stars.

Sutton rated it it was amazing. I’d mostly forgotten about it again until it popped up for ninety-nine cents in one of my BookGorilla emails. Flowers for Algernon is one of those rare science fiction novels that transcends the genre.

We sympathise as he struggles to make relationships with those around him, and feel real anger at those who have wronged him. Boy woud they be serprised to see me smart just like them and my sister.

Charlie becomes totally committed to his work, to the point of obsession. Even though Charlie’s intelligence grows to beyond that of a normal human, he is emotionally still very much a child and has to learn the things other people learned long ago. The reader’s growing ability to understand Algermona and Charlie’s attempts to understand himself touch on the exploration of alienness and human reactions to it that underpin so many great science fiction stories.

Charlie takes his time understanding everything around him, but at his core, you immediately see that he’s a good guy.

Flowers for Algernon

At such moments my flesh is thin and tight, and the unbear “The walls between people are thin here, and if Algegnona listen quietly, I hear what is going on. It’s a broad sweep of what people think should be done to help others, as opposed to what the right decision is for the good of that individual.

I don’t even know if anything I’m sa Wow I’m so glad I finally read it. However, spoiler alert but then why would anyone read a book that left the story there? Ask and answer questions about books!

In one episode Charlie takes people to task for making fun of a mentally disabled boy in a restaurant.

At the laboratory he meets Algernon, a mouse who has undergone a similar treatment and who can traverse a series of mazes faster than Charlie. At the apex of his trajectory, Charlie is a world-class scientist.

Schools still rank children in terms of lagernona supposed intelligence and no one complains about it creating inferiority complex that it might breed in children, the way many parents would if children were ranked according to their looks.

It was even adapted as a Broadway musical in The treatment has shockingly positive results, and before long, Charlie’s intelligence is surpassing those of the researchers treating him. Would you recommend this book to other people? I loved the way the book is written, as journal entries of an adult retard which is the subject of an experiment that makes him smart a algernonx smarter. His miraculous experience has given him a new perspective on life.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s well written, and does a good job placing you into Charlie’s head as he goes up and down through this experiment.

The book is quite well known, got made into kwiqty movie, and has even ended up on school reading lists. Maybe it is a failure of examiners. Charlie is given the procedure, and he starts getting smarter.

Or maybe she just had a thing for Cliff Robertson. That said, the author and the story are to me, simply ,wiaty to tell a perspective, and then conversation and education help navigate that middle line of how to move forward. They both go through a similar experiment and their intelligence begins growing, but then Algernon becomes very sick.