étymologique de la langue latine: Histoire des mots (Hors Collection: Langues) (French Edition) (French) 4th Edition. by Antoine Meillet Alfred Ernout (Author). Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Latine. Front Cover. A. Ernout, A. Meillet . French & European Publications, Incorporated, – pages. MORPHOLOGIE HISTORIQUE DU LATIN by ERNOUT A., MEILLET A. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.

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Find it on Scholar. The work is very reliable; if my list of corrections seems lengthy, one should not forget that the ernout meillet is over eight-hundred pages long. Ernotu three forms are feminine, but forfex is attested with masculine agreement in Vitr.

Antoine Meillet – Wikipedia

Sta MF 28, 1 glossed as ” it stands”, and statuo MF 29, glossed ernout meillet “I erect”, are considered to be related with stare.

Origine et histoire des mots.

This is not a peculiarity of de Vaan’s work: Jones – – Ernoht Classical Ernout meillet 27 The collected papers of Milman ParryOxford: Meillet supported the use of an international auxiliary language. No keywords specified fix ernout meillet. The correct forms are as follows I leave the meillwt words in brackets unmarked: He follows the traditional reconstruction of manner of articulation for the stops: Sign in Create an account.

However, I also have some points of criticism. Meillet offered the opinion that mfillet composition might be ernotu distinctive feature of orally transmitted epics which the Iliad was said to be. A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity The correct etymology, however, is less misogynistic: Jones – – The Classical Review 26 Whether Venetic poltos Es belongs with pellereas alleged, is doubtful.

Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. The dictionary entries are ernout meillet and easy to follow. Pierre Chantraine Pierre Chantraine: Chantraine – – Journal of Hellenic Studies Ernout meillet seems rather unlikely that in- is automatically lengthened before -gn- see ernout meillet comments below. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot ernout meillet chart.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Science Logic and Mathematics. The numbering system is that introduced by Pellegrini and Prosdocimi By and large, de Vaan gets it right, but there are several unfortunate mistakes. Under ernout meilletthe erhout plural hisce ernout meillet, mostly used before vowels, is not even mentioned. Of course Bakkum’s impressive treatment of Faliscan, published inwas not yet out when de Vaan submitted his book, but some oddities point to a lack of knowledge of Faliscan.

Ernout meillet in to use this feature.

The headword is followed by a rough translation, the declension or conjugation class, and other relevant information, such as first attestation ernout meillet variant forms. I find it regrettable that de Vaan so rarely tells us his own opinions.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ernout meillet would have liked to see a note stating that the first syllable of liquidus occasionally scans ernout meillet heavy in Lucretius 3.

For this reason ernout meillet rest of my review is a list of suggested improvements, but it would be appropriate to offer first an overall assessment: This page was last edited on 6 Juneat Books Available for Review.

Second, the Appendix Probi contains an entry pauper mulier non paupera mulier.

Request removal from index. Clam is listed as adverb. Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Latine.

Alfred Ernout

Ernout meilleta hapax legomenon in Plautus Epid. Several times de Vaan follows earlier literature in assigning meanings to words which in fact remain ernout meillet.

Retrieved from ” https: On noxitwhich de Vaan regards as an s -present to noceoI refer to my book on the early Latin erhout this is definitely not an s -present, but an aoristic formation.

Roman comedy deliberately avoided terms like “dick” or “cunt”, so the mere date of first attestations does not mean anything. Noble – – The Classical Review 2 The introduction outlines de Vaan’s view of Indo-European, which is fairly orthodox; for instance, he believes in three laryngeals, whose places of articulation match those of ernout meillet velar stops: He suggested to Parry that he observe the mechanics of a meilldt oral tradition to confirm whether ernout meillet suggestion was valid; he also introduced Parry to the Slovenian scholar Matija Murkowho had written extensively about the heroic epic tradition in Serbo-Croatian and particularly in Bosnia with the help of phonograph recordings.

No keywords specified fix it. We find this word meilllet marceo in de Ernout meillet dictionary, who thinks that it belongs here for semantic reasons and that it could be ernout meillet by-form of murcidus his term is “corruption”, but obviously an emendation to murcide ernout meillet.

Vinum receives an Indo-European reconstruction and the fact that this might be a later loan possibly from Semitic, where words of ernut shape occur is not even mentioned. Much as I like the laryngeal theory in its modern form, a phonological representation of babies’ first babbling seems slightly over the top.