Thanks to James Brian Murphy, by whose suggestion we have Death Frost Doom instead of Death Cold. Frost. Thanks to Gary Gygax and. I’m running Death Frost Doom this Friday in my Eberron/Pathfinder campaign and I’m a bit concerned about the lethality of it. I’m pulling it out at. Death Frost Doom, in its original form, was a damn clever adventure. But it wasn’t much more than a clever premise: while it had some nice.

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The old hanging tree, while rooted, is dkom of a horrid, impotent malevolence. Haha, I saw this thead title and thought it was a heavy metal thread from www.

Upon entering the chapel of the complex, 12 skulls of ice, hanging from the ceiling, will slowly, inexorably, fall and shatter, counting down in intervals of 10 before the big, campaign-changing event takes place. Then coom have an encounter and all hell breaks loose. A long time ago, an evil cult has taken home on top of a mountain.

The cover art by Yannick Bouchard perfectly encapsulates the flair of the module.

I label this as a con from a personal standpoint. And yes, reading up on deathfrpst in the cult’s books can make you stark, raving mad At times punitive rather than encouraging careful exploration. Please try again later. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Buy the selected items together This item: When I ran it, it wasn’t a TPK at all. Set up a giveaway.

Goodhead’s Villa of Doom! It should also be noted that the hand-out maps that the PCs can find actually have been reproduced here. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Tower of the Stargazer. Notify me of new posts by email. And the greedy and the foolish doim march bravely up the mountain for gold and glory.

Death Frost Doom Review | Full Metal RPG

The setting is grim. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Share your thoughts with other customers. On particular aspect of the module is btw. People miss that and it will be made clearer in the next printing. DFD is one foom those, “there is no going back” kind of modules.

Death Frost Doom Review

There really isn’t much content in this, even for a module. This module clocks in at 66 pages obviously! All right, only referees around? Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Even as the PCs approach the foreboding top, things may get nasty: Touch item X in room A, and in room F consequence Z will happen.

Death Frost Doom

I give this adventure my highest possible recommendation. We get a table to determine his whereabouts and beyond brief stats, the referee gets guidance on likely venues of conversation. A TPK is a strong possibility, especially if the players are accustomed to normal “balanced” 3.

This also holds true for the plethora of deadly traps and cursed items – though it should be noted that the “dickish insta-kill”-quota is pretty low – dethfrost PCs deathvrost finished off, it generally is the result of doing something less than wise.

Death Frost Doom – too lethal?

DMSGuild Hottest items http: Your ad here, right now: The cabin that hides the entrance to the dungeon When it hits the fan they will know and hopefully act accordingly and look for a way to survive. It is hard to understate the utility of this book.

Role Playing Game Publisher: Other people enjoy meat grinder style dungeons, but it is worth calling out so that you know what you are getting into. Not for the “Advanced” gamer. Retrieved from ” https: Your email address will not be published. Ignore them when you can, because they really bring nothing to the table. My review is mostly based on the hardcover-version of the module, though I have also consulted the pdf and checked its functionality.